An overview of Auto Insurance in California

Acquiring formidable auto insurance in San Francisco, CA is a fundamental initiative to protect yourself and your car in the event of an accident. If you are shopping for auto insurance in San Francisco, CA it’s paramount to comprehend the common types of coverage available on car insurance policies. Most San Francisco, CA residents procuring auto insurance are not aware of the coverages in question. Regrettably, it’s after the unprecedented crash that they will realize how powerful it is. To protect yourself from these unexpected eventualities, contact our team at Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. to have peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

Is Auto Insurance Mandatory In California?

California stipulates legal requirements you must adhere to operate a car. It advocates maintaining liability insurance by observing the minimum liability requirements—these minimum policy requirements include bodily injury and property damage.

Types of auto insurance coverage options in California

Comprehensive coverage: Helps cover expenses of repairing or replacing your car if it is physically damaged by non-collision events such as fire, theft, falling objects, and hail.

Collision coverage: It pays for expenses of repairing or replacing your vehicle arising from physical damage after a collision with another vehicle or stationary objects like boulders, posts, trees, fences, or guardrails.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage: These two coverages are grouped to cover your medical expenses if you are engaged in an accident with another driver who is at fault, and he is underinsured or does not have liability insurance at all.

Medical payments coverage: This form of policy is designed to cater to medical expenses such as ambulance rides,x-rays, and surgery if you and your passengers get hurt in an accident. It also covers the funeral expenses.

Personal injury protection: It may cover certain medical costs and loss of wages culminating from a covered accident. It might cater to 80% of medical and other expenses accrued from a given accident, depending on the policy limits.

Auto insurance in San Francisco, CA

Are you a car owner searching for a magnificent auto insurance policy in California to protect you and your car? Don’t look beyond Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. Our reputable agents will answer any queries about auto insurance.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Pets?

If you live in San Francisco, CA, you have probably come across Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. We are the leading insurance organization in this area, offering different types of insurance policies. One of the products that we have been providing to our customers is the renters’ insurance policy. 

What is Renters Insurance Policy?

Renters insurance is a specific policy that covers liabilities inside your house. It is used to complement the homeowners’ insurance policy, which covers possible perils outside your rented house. What does renters insurance cover?

Personal Properties

The primary role of renters insurance is to help in covering possible uncertainties facing your personal properties. This policy will cover possible uncertainties such as theft, fire, and flooding. However, there is a limit to which your personal properties will be covered. It is always necessary to clarify this with your insurance company on your coverage limit. 

Personal Injury Liabilities

There is no doubt that you will have a huge number of friends that will be visiting your home regularly. Any injury or personal accident suffered by your visitors may turn out to be a significant financial hazard. However, with renters insurance, you will cover everything without major issues. 

Renters Insurance and Pets

It is standard for people to have different types of pets. These domesticated animals face certain uncertainties as well, which means you need to have an insurance policy for the necessary protection. Unfortunately, renters insurance does not cover pets because they are not classified as personal properties.

This does not mean that your pet will remain vulnerable to possible uncertainties. There is always an option for such issues. There are very many insurance companies that are providing pet insurance policies. 

What Next?

Do you live in San Francisco, CA? You don’t have to worry about pet insurance. At Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc., we are ready to give you the best pet insurance policy. Visit our offices today for detailed information on pet insurance.

Does My Auto Policy Cover a Rental Vehicle?

People who have taken up car insurance mostly have policy questions. They turn to their family, friends, or colleagues for clarification. Most of the time, the advice they get is inaccurate, leading to costly mistakes. At Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc., we help San Francisco, CA residents make informed decisions. So, we often provide answers to frequently asked questions.

In this article, we are providing answers to: Does my auto policy cover a rental vehicle?

Yes, your policy covers your rental vehicle if you have a comprehensive and collision cover. You enjoy coverage against damage to the car. The insurance also covers damage to property or injuries to other people. 

However, the rented car must be under your name. You can be the driver or any other individual listed on your policy cover. If an unauthorized person is driving the vehicle and is involved in an accident, your auto policy cover may not apply.

Expenses You Need to Cover From Your Pocket

What if the rental vehicle is stolen? What if it is involved in a collision? These are things that can happen. Thus, continue paying your deductible. If anything happens, the deductible comes in handy, as it would be if you lost your car.

What Are the Exceptions to Your Auto Policy Cover?

Before renting a vehicle, you need to ask yourself, ‘what are exceptions?” For example, the auto policy cover cannot apply if you rent a commercial vehicle. It has to be a private passenger car. Again, the rental duration should not exceed 30 consecutive days. The coverage covers you if you are within the US and Canada.

Do you live in San Francisco, CA, and need to rent a vehicle? The good news is, your comprehensive and collision cover takes care of your rental car. We help our clients make educated decisions. So, If you have any questions or concerns about your auto policy cover, you can conveniently reach us through the Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. website.

Do San Francisco businesses need commercial insurance?

Business owners that are in the San Francisco, CA area will find that the strong population and economy in the area provides a lot of opportunity for success. If you are a business owner here, you still need to protect your business with commercial insurance coverage. There are a variety of reasons why we need to get a commercial insurance plan in this city. 

Insurance Protects a Business

A key reason to get a commercial insurance plan when you are in this city is so you can protect your business. If you are going to start a company here, you will need to invest both your time and personal capital to get it off the ground. With a commercial insurance plan, you can receive coverage for your business assets and obtain liability risk protection. This could be helpful and give you the protection needed to keep your company financially solvent.

Insurance is Required for Many Companies

You may also need a commercial insurance plan as it could be a requirement for your organization. There are commonly going to be commercial insurance requirements set by investors, landlords and banks. If you have partnerships or contracts with any of these entities, it is important to understand your insurance obligations. Maintaining proper coverage can keep you in good standing. 

In the San Francisco, CA area there are a lot of great opportunities for business owners to be successful. To ensure that you are getting the right insurance protection for your company, you should call Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. The insurance professionals with Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. understand the value that this insurance provides. They can answer any questions that you have about this type of coverage and give you the support you need to build a new insurance plan. 

What every home buyer should know before buying a home

What every home buyer should know before buying a home

There is always something exhilarating about owning a home in San Francisco, CA. You can drill small holes, take pictures, and modify it to your preference without worrying about the landlord suing you.  Above all, you have peace of mind that no one is coming for you due to rent arrears.

The location is quite essential

The location of your home determines many things, like whether it’s a valuable investment or not. If you have children, you will want to find a home with a school and a park nearby. You will also be looking forward to saving on fuel or transport costs when going to work. The neighborhood also determines whether you are at the right place or not.

Home insurance may be mandatory if you are buying through a mortgage

Home insurance is a critical coverage for protecting your San Francisco, CA home and family. If you are going to pay your home through a mortgage, your lender may require you to have home insurance and flood insurance if the house is located in a high-risk flood area. At Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc, we advise our clients to budget for home insurance as part of the home buying process.

Repairs and maintenance may cost you more than you think

Conduct a thorough inspection before settling on your home. Invite different people, contractors, real estate agents, or engineers to check for repairs and upgrades. They will advise you on what needs to be upgraded and what needs to be replaced. They can also help you calculate the costs. If you feel the costs are above your budget, you can always walk away before any paperwork is done

It’s every homeowner’s dream to find a place you can call your own, but it’s also essential to think about safety. You can trust Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. to guide you through the process. Be sure to drop by for more information and policy discussions.

What benefit comes with getting commercial insurance in San Francisco?

The San Francisco, CA area is one of the most populated and vibrant parts of the country. With a large population base and consistent group of visitors, owning a business in San Francisco could prove to be a great investment and career plan. If you do want to own a business here, you need to get commercial insurance as it offers several benefits. 

Business Liability Protection

A benefit that you will receive when getting commercial insurance is business liability protection. As a business owner, you are going to take on liability risk on a regular basis. If there is ever a liability claim against your company, it could be very detrimental. Fortunately, this risk can be mitigated if you invest in a full commercial insurance plan. With this coverage, you will receive protection to help you offset the costs if you are found liable for an accident. 

Coverage to Protect Business Assets

A commercial insurance plan is also necessary for those that are in the San Francisco area because it is needed to protect business assets. Any business owner that chooses to start a company will have to invest their capital to acquire certain assets. By getting a commercial insurance plan, you can receive specific coverage that will help you repair or replace these assets if you incur certain types of loss.

When you need a new commercial insurance plan in the San Francisco, CA area, it would be a good idea to call Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. The team with Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. focuses on helping businesses understand their insurance needs. They can help you understand all of your coverage options and how they can mitigate risk. The team can then help you build a plan that provides ideal coverage. 

What are the benefits of having home insurance?

San Francisco, CA has had one of the hottest real estate markets for a long time. Those that have bought homes here have enjoyed the long-term price appreciation while having a place to live in a great city. If you are going to purchase a home here, you also need to get insurance of it. Home insurance offers several benefits to property owners. 

Personal Liability Protection

One important benefit that comes when you get home insurance is that you can receive personal liability protection. People that own property will have personal liability risk at all times. While it may seem small, you could face serious liability claims if your property causes damage to another person’s property or a guest is injured while they are visiting you. By getting home insurance, you will get the personal liability coverage that is needed to mitigate this risk.

Coverage for Valuable Asset

You will also want to get home insurance as it can protect your most valuable asset. Your home is going to be the largest purchase that you will ever make. Along with this, you should always work hard to ensure that your home is covered as well as possible. With a home insurance policy, you are going to get the coverage you need to repair or even replace your property if it is seriously damaged.

Anyone that is in the San Francisco, CA area needs to get a proper home insurance policy. When you are going to get insurance here, you should call the team with Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. The insurance professionals with Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. understand the importance of getting proper home insurance coverage. They can then help you build a policy that offers the protection you and your home need to be covered and have peace of mind. 

Under what circumstances am I required to carry comprehensive auto insurance?

California drivers are required to carry auto insurance that meets California’s state minimum requirements. Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. of San Francisco, CA is dedicated to helping motorists understand the law as well as their insurance options. Comprehensive auto insurance isn’t required by law. However, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be circumstances when you will have to carry full coverage or comprehensive insurance. As a motorist, you need to be aware of situations that may require you to carry full coverage, although it’s not required by law.

What is Comprehensive Coverage? 

Comprehensive coverage is full coverage insurance. What does this mean? This type of insurance will pay to repair or replace your car if it’s lost, stolen, or damaged. Comprehensive auto insurance covers damage to your vehicle, even if the damage isn’t caused by a collision. Comprehensive insurance includes damage caused by hail, fire, wind, flood, theft, and vandalism. This coverage also includes damage caused by hitting an animal and falling objects. Many people may wonder why they should carry comprehensive insurance because it’s not legally required. However, the answer isn’t hard to understand. Of course, if you haven’t fully paid for a car and have a car loan or lease, the lender will likely require you to carry comprehensive insurance or full insurance.

Is Comprehensive Insurance Worth It? 

However, there are other factors you should consider to help determine id comprehensive insurance is a good investment. These factors depend on your vehicle. As a general rule of thumb, if your annual premium is greater than the value of your car, it’s probably not a good idea to invest in comprehensive insurance. Not investing in comprehensive insurance is common sense for many reasons. If you sustain damage to your car and the cost of the damage exceeds your car’s value, your insurance company will deem your car a total loss. In this scenario, paying for full coverage isn’t a good investment. We understand that navigating car insurance can be confusing. There’s a lot to understand. However, we’re committed to educating you and answering your questions. Give us a call. We’re here to help. 

Are Comprehensive and Collision Coverage Required?

You already know that you need to have liability coverage to stay legal on California roads. But, are you required to keep comprehensive and collision coverage on your auto insurance policy? Our Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. team has put together all the information you need.

Are You Legally Required to Carry Full Coverage?

The basic answer is no. The State of California doesn’t care about whether you have the ability to fix your own vehicle. They just want to ensure that you can help the other person fix their car, pay for medical bills, or replace personal property if you’re involved in an accident that is deemed your fault.

Your Bank Might Have Other Ideas

However, if you have a loan on your vehicle, your bank might have other ideas. Most have a clause in their contracts that states that you have to carry first-party coverage on your car insurance policy. This means that, even though you aren’t legally required to have it, you’ll need to purchase comprehensive and collision when you buy auto insurance. In the end, this protects their interest in your vehicle if it is ever repossessed.

Why Having Comprehensive and Collision is a Good Idea

Even if your vehicle is fully paid off, having full coverage on your vehicle is still a good idea. Think about it for a moment. If your car were stolen, damaged in an accident, or hit by an uninsured driver, would you be able to pay for repairs out of your own pocket? For most people, this would be difficult. Instead, it is much more economical to go ahead and purchase comprehensive and collision on your policy.

Let Us Help with Your California Auto Insurance Needs

At Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services inc, we’re dedicated to helping our customers with all of their auto insurance needs. For more information on how we can assist you, please contact our San Francisco, CA location today to schedule an appointment.

How Getting Your Home Ready For The Fall Can Impact Your Home Insurance

Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. assists the San Francisco, CA community by offering residents multiple types of insurance coverage. We want to make sure that our clients find the policies they need to protect their assets. It’s important to us that our clients have the necessary coverage to help manage whatever the future holds.

Preparing Your Home For The Fall

As a San Francisco, CA homeowner, it’s important that you protect your investment. Home insurance gives you peace of mind that regardless of what happens in the future, your home will be covered. The policy covers your home in the event that it is damaged due to a severe storm or if it’s vandalized. In the event that someone breaks into your home and steals your belongings, your personal items are also covered. As the seasons’ change and Fall approaches, here are some things to consider.


Make sure that you seal all of your doors and window panes. Fill in any noticeable cracks. Consider replacing parts that are visibly starting to erode.

Possible Water Damage

Water leaks may cause serious damage to your home. Observe the current condition of your pipes. If they are starting to deteriorate, you may need to make some repairs. Also, be sure to clean the gutters, valves, and drains. As the weather starts to get colder, that increases the risk that your property may suffer some damage.

Exterior Property

Consider having your roof inspected to check for any damage or possible gaps. Cracks in the exterior could lead to rodents or other types of insects entering your home and causing damage. Make sure that the lighting outside of your home is good. Proper outside lighting will prevent you from dealing with a potential liability issue if someone gets injured while visiting your home because they couldn’t see.

Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. Will Help You Assess Your Options

For more information on home insurance, visit our website today!