Comparing Comprehensive vs. Collision Auto Insurance: Which One Do You Need?

Owning a car in the San Francisco, CA area can be helpful. This can make it easier to get around the city and surrounding areas. If you want to get a car, you should also carefully assess your insurance options. This can include getting both collision and comprehensive insurance. Knowing what these coverage options cover is important to determine if they are right for you. 

Collision Coverage

One type of insurance you can get with an auto insurance plan is collision coverage. In a crowded city like San Francisco with a lot of motorists, collisions do occur on occasion. Because of this, you have the right insurance, which is important. When you get a collision insurance plan, it will offer you support so you can make repairs to your vehicle. This can include replacing the vehicle entirely in some situations. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Another important type of insurance to obtain is comprehensive insurance. Many risks could result in damage or other forms of loss to your vehicle. These can include damage from an accident with an animal, theft, or even vandalism. If you are not insured, you will need to replace your vehicle on your own. However, if you carry a comprehensive plan, you will have all the coverage you need to ensure you can replace or repair your vehicle. 

When you own a car in the San Francisco, CA, area, you need to make sure you get the right insurance. Selecting the right plan can be complicated, and our team with Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. will help. Our team will give you any help you need to build a new plan with all the necessary insurance support.