Can You Increase The Amount Of Commercial Insurance You Have During The Policy Term?

If you own a business or are planning on starting one in the near future, you probably already have commercial insurance, but is there a time when you may need to increase your coverage during a policy term? There are many reasons why a business may require an increased amount of coverage, which is why you should know when and why you should be able to increase the policy amount. 

Changing The Policy Value

If you need to increase the value of your policy, you can in most cases, make the change with the assistance of your insurance agent. They can submit the necessary documentation and paperwork. Some instances where you may need to request an increase would be an expansion, an increase in inventory, and major equipment purchases. If you feel there will be the possibility for increase insurance coverage, let your agent know in advance so they can help find a policy that can accommodate your growing needs and help prevent losses from a lack of adequate coverage.

Flexible Insurance For Your Company Or Business

Getting the right type of coverage is essential for protecting your assets. That is why you need to work with an agency who had representatives who know how each insurance product works to help you find options that meet your needs. If you are located in the San Francisco, CA area, you can rely on Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. to give you the information and experienced services you need to make a wise purchase and help you protect your investment over the course of time.

Those who operate a business or company around the San Francisco, CA area should call or stop by Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. to find out more about the policy options available. The right insurance can help protect you from a variety of losses and meet your future needs.