Travel Outside Of Florida? Make Sure You Have Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

When you’re getting ready to leave your San Francisco, CA home for a road trip out of state, you’re most likely busy planning your route and finishing your last-minute packing. What you probably aren’t thinking about is your automobile insurance policy or whether your policy covers you while driving across state borders. While the state of California requires that drivers carry minimum liability coverage of $15,000 for personal injury protection and $5,000 for property damage liability, other states may have higher minimum coverage requirements.  

Does My Bodily Injury Liability Policy Cover Me Out Of State? 

Generally, yes. While auto insurance coverage requirements vary from state to state, although you purchased coverage based on California’s coverage options, your insurance should provide protection even if you travel clear across the nation. Meeting the minimum bodily liability insurance coverage in another state isn‘t important as long as you meet the minimum in California. For example, in what is called a “broadening clause,” if you were involved in an accident in another state where the minimum requirements were $5,000 more than your policy minimum, your insurer will generally make up the difference and cover you at the higher limit. 

Are There Situations Where My Bodily Injury Liability Policy Won’t Cover Me Out Of State? 

For the most part, you can jump in your car and head to another state without thinking about your auto insurance policy. However, there are a couple of situations where your policy may not cover you: 

  • If you are moving from San Francisco, CA to another state. Your Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services, Inc. policy will cover you while you are traveling to your new home, but once you move you will have to buy a new policy in that state. 
  • While most insurance companies will cover you if you head north to Canada, if your travel plans go south of the border into Mexico, you will likely need to buy insurance for driving in Mexico.

If you plan to hit the road into another state, it’s a good idea to check your auto insurance policy or call Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services, Inc. to ensure your automobile insurance policy has a broadening clause or will cover you for wherever you are planning to drive.