Tips and Tricks for Home Insurance With Pets

At Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc., we find that many of our San Francisco, CA residents, and those in the area, experience worse insurance rates due to pets. Thankfully, there are several tips and tricks that you can use to lower your rates and avoid complications. 

Train Your Pup to Limit Liability 

Insurance companies will be pleased with you if you train your pup to behave. This training will show them that you take your pup’s potential for damage very seriously and that your dog has been adjusted to avoid issues. Don’t hesitate to get multiple types of training to boost the effectiveness of your insurance policy. 

Buy Kid-Friendly Animals 

The worst problem you’ll experience with pets is if they tend to bite children. Animals who bite will cause you increased insurance rates and higher co-pays. Thankfully, you can buy dogs who are friendly with animals or cats who don’t scratch to get the best results. Talk to your agent about which animals get the best rates and then focus on these animals. 

Create an Outdoor Exercise Area

Many pets – dogs in particular – get bored when left alone for too long and will lash out by chewing home items. This problem is one that can affect your insurance rates in a variety of ways. Instead of leaving your dog indoors, create an outdoor area with toys, food, a dog house, and items that your pet  appreciates while you’re gone. In this way, you can show your insurance company that your home is protected.

Get Professional Help

So if you live in San Francisco, CA and you want to own pets, make sure that you contact us at Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. to learn more. Our professionals will work hard to find you a policy that costs you as little as possible but which still protects you from pet-related damage.