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Auto Insurance in California

In California, you are required to have an auto insurance to be allowed to be on the roads. You can get car insurance from Biddle-Shaw insurance Services, Inc. where we provide you with numerous auto insurance policies for what ever car needs you may have.

The uninsured or underinsured coverage

This policy protects the driver if they are involved in an accident where the other party does not have insurance coverage or is underinsured. In such cases, it gets hard to compensate for the damages done to the insured. This is where this policy comes in to cater for the expenses like medical bills, auto repair, and replacement of any damaged property.

Personal injury coverage

This is an additional policy that pays for medical costs, lost wages, and other damages. In the event of an accident, this coverage will pay for medical bills and the replacement of any lost or damaged items.

Liability coverage

As a driver, if you are liable for an accident in San Francisco, CA, this policy will help to cater for the medical bill if another person is injured in the crash. The coverage also pays for the damages done to the other person's car. You cannot register your vehicle if you do not have this type of auto insurance policy.

Collision and comprehensive insurance

Collision coverage caters for the damages on your car due to an accident. Comprehensive coverage pays for the expenses or damages on your vehicle due to other incidences other than accidents, like theft.

Rental auto insurance

The policy protects the car if you have rented or hired it.

You can get these policies from Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services, Inc. in San Francisco, CA. We offer insurance services that fulfill the requirement of the state of California. Visit or contact our offices if you wish to have your vehicle insured. We also offer a consultation where we can advise you on the best policy for your needs. Get a quote online from our online rating tool for auto insurance and get started.

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