Does Your Driving History Affect Auto Insurance?

At Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc., we serve many San Francisco, CA residents with fair and reasonable insurance rates. However, we also know that your history can affect your insurance and cause complications. Here’s what you need to know about this factor.

Yes, Your History Can Affect Your Insurance

Insurance companies always take a look at your history before providing you with a policy. For example, they may offer you a higher premium as a result of a poor driving record. Even worse, they’re likely to increase your premiums if you experience any problems after getting a policy.

That said, some issues are not as heavily weighted as others, meaning you might get a minor rate increase compared to a major one. Here are three of the most common concerns that impact your insurance, particularly if they become a recurring problem.

Issues That May Affect Your Rates 

  • Traffic Tickets – Depending on the severity (and volume) of your traffic tickets, your rates will go up at varying levels. First-time offenders are not likely to see an increase in their rates, though. 
  • DUI Tickets – If you get ticketed for a DWI or DUI, you can expect your rate to go up very heavily. This increase is likely even if you’re a first-time offender. It will take many years for this to come off your record, too. 
  • Accidents – Getting into an accident will immediately increase your rates, even if you weren’t to blame. This fact likely seems unfair but is something that insurance companies take very seriously. 

Avoid These Problems

If you’re concerned about the potential damage your history may have due to your insurance, it is crucial to reach out to us at Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. right away to learn more. Our team can help San Francisco, CA residents understand what they can do to minimize these problematic issues.