Reasons Why Renters Insurance Is A Must-Have

Do you rent your home or apartment in San Francisco, CA? If yes, you need renters insurance.

1. Your Landlord’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover You

Most people renting residential property usually dismiss the idea of getting renter’s insurance because they believe their landlord’s insurance covers them. This isn’t correct, as your landlord’s policy only covers your landlord’s property and liability, not his tenants. You need your own renters’ insurance.

2. Protection for Your Personal Belongings

A renters insurance will cover your personal belongings in case of theft, fire, or loss to natural disasters. This includes personal property like furniture, art, electronics, appliances, jewelry, and beddings. Ensure that you take an accurate inventory of your personal belongings when purchasing your renters’ insurance. At Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc., we advise you to update your personal belongings’ inventory with your insurer whenever you make a big purchase.

3. You Get Your Own Liability Coverage

Purchasing a renters insurance means that you get your own liability coverage if someone gets injured in your home. The insurance policy will cover liability resulting from an accident such as your visitor tripping and falling or injury from a pet. The renter’s insurance will protect your savings, income, and assets from being used to settle a liability for injuries to other people inside your rented home.

4. Coverage for Additional Living Expenses

Once in a while, your landlord will need to do massive renovations on the property you are renting, and this means you will have to find somewhere else to live, for the time being, like a hotel. The cost of living in the hotel will likely exceed your typical monthly rent, and you will need to pay for storage space for your personal belongings. Renters’ insurance will take care of these additional living expenses.

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