Four key pieces of misinformation you need to know when you buy auto insurance

Motorists need to be accurately informed about auto insurance. Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. is an insurance provider offering auto insurance policies in San Francisco, CA.

Unfortunately, misinformation regarding auto insurance is fairly common. The following are four critical pieces of misinformation you need to know about when you buy auto insurance. 

You’ll pay more on premiums if you’re insuring a new car.

While more valuable vehicles are often more expensive to secure, this doesn’t mean that a new car will always be more costly to insure than an old car.

Many new cars have safety and security features that help bring down insurance premium costs. This can make new cars less expensive to insure. 

It’s no big deal to go uninsured for a brief period. 

You should never drive without insurance. Going even for a short period without insurance could lead to severe consequences.

Auto insurance is required by law, and you could be cited for driving without insurance if you get pulled over while uninsured. 

Your driving record is the only factor that impacts your auto insurance costs.

While your driving record is an important factor that impacts your insurance costs, it is not the only factor that insurance providers consider.

Insurance providers also look at your vehicle’s value, credit score, and numerous additional factors when calculating your auto insurance premiums. 

You can use your personal auto insurance when driving for commercial purposes.

If you drive your vehicle for commercial purposes, you need to have a commercial auto insurance policy. You shouldn’t use your personal auto insurance while you’re driving for business purposes.  

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