Does My Auto Policy Cover a Rental Vehicle?

People who have taken up car insurance mostly have policy questions. They turn to their family, friends, or colleagues for clarification. Most of the time, the advice they get is inaccurate, leading to costly mistakes. At Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc., we help San Francisco, CA residents make informed decisions. So, we often provide answers to frequently asked questions.

In this article, we are providing answers to: Does my auto policy cover a rental vehicle?

Yes, your policy covers your rental vehicle if you have a comprehensive and collision cover. You enjoy coverage against damage to the car. The insurance also covers damage to property or injuries to other people. 

However, the rented car must be under your name. You can be the driver or any other individual listed on your policy cover. If an unauthorized person is driving the vehicle and is involved in an accident, your auto policy cover may not apply.

Expenses You Need to Cover From Your Pocket

What if the rental vehicle is stolen? What if it is involved in a collision? These are things that can happen. Thus, continue paying your deductible. If anything happens, the deductible comes in handy, as it would be if you lost your car.

What Are the Exceptions to Your Auto Policy Cover?

Before renting a vehicle, you need to ask yourself, ‘what are exceptions?” For example, the auto policy cover cannot apply if you rent a commercial vehicle. It has to be a private passenger car. Again, the rental duration should not exceed 30 consecutive days. The coverage covers you if you are within the US and Canada.

Do you live in San Francisco, CA, and need to rent a vehicle? The good news is, your comprehensive and collision cover takes care of your rental car. We help our clients make educated decisions. So, If you have any questions or concerns about your auto policy cover, you can conveniently reach us through the Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. website.