When Should You Update Your Auto Insurance?

It’s important to keep your auto insurance policy up to date, so you get the right coverage. At Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc.in San Francisco, CA, we offer different types of auto insurance to meet your needs. Here are the signs its time to update your existing policy.


Moving is a daunting experience, and updating your car insurance can seem low on the priority list. However, not updating your address can void your policy. Obviously, if you move to another state you’ll have to update your address. However, even if you are moving across town, you’ll need to contact your insurer and give them the correct address. 

Aftermarket Upgrades

Some companies will cover aftermarket parts up to a certain amount. Many companies also offer an option to insure the vehicle for an agreed-upon value, which can be higher than the book value. This allows you to cover the upgrades to your vehicle without a problem. If you want the company to cover your car customization, it’s best to discuss it before you modify your vehicle. 

Change in Drivers

If you had other drivers insured on your policy that are no longer driving your vehicle, you could save money by having them removed. If there’s a new driver in the household, you’ll need to add them to your policy. 

Change in Driving Record or Status

You should also update your policy if your driving record has changed, particularly in your favor. If you have an accident or speeding ticket that has recently been removed from your record, it could lower your rate. An improved credit score, getting married, and getting older can also lower your premiums.

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