Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Your Roommate?

If you are renting or leasing your home, you need to secure reliable renter’s insurance to protect you from losses and liability. Although you may be clear on what it covers for the policyholder, you may wonder if a roommate is protected by the policy in place. 

Is Your Roommate Covered?

Unfortunately, your roommate won’t be covered by your policy unless he or she is stated on the policy. Each roommate must secure their own individual policy to make sure there is a complete level of coverage for each tenant. If you are considering getting a roommate and want to protect everyone in the home, insist that they purchase renter’s insurance. You can find a policy through Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. if you live in or near the San Francisco, CA area. 

Working With An Agent

If you are searching for good renter’s insurance, you want to work with an agency that provides experienced agents who can help you outline your needs and offer policy options that work for you and your roommates. It is the key to getting the protection you need from a variety of threats. If you have questions and want to consult with a reputable insurance professional, check out Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. and take the guesswork out of finding the right renter’s insurance policy.

Anyone who lives around the San Francisco, CA area and is in need of renter’s insurance should call or stop by the office today and get started protecting yourself and any roommates in your dwelling. You need peace of mind so you can avoid losses from a variety of potential issues.