Do You Need to Update Your Home Insurance?

Aligning Your Home Insurance with Life’s Changes

As life evolves, adjusting your insurance to ensure optimal coverage is important. Leaving your family or belongings unprotected due to an outdated policy is an avoidable risk. At Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. in San Francisco, CA, our agents work with you to review your existing policy annually and make changes to accommodate new family members as needed.

Understanding When You May Need More Insurance

An expanding household keeps life exciting. However, with new additions, you should consult your agent to discuss how these changes may impact your coverage. Whether your mother-in-law moves in, you adopt a baby, or you rescue a pet, these joyous occasions could also bring additional liabilities not covered under your existing home insurance.

Home improvements and insurance

How does adding a new kitchen, porch, or bedroom to your home affect your insurance? Changes that enhance the value of your home may necessitate an upgrade to your home insurance. Speak with your agent to ensure you have sufficient coverage for all the new additions.

When Less Insurance Might Be More

Life changes can also result in discounts or reduced premiums. If your adult children move out or you install security equipment, your insurer could lower your monthly payment. Deadbolts on your doors, security cameras, updated fire alarm systems, and upgraded electrical systems can increase the safety of your property and may result in savings on your home insurance.

Let’s Discuss Your Insurance Needs

Renovating your home, adopting a pet, or starting a home-based business can significantly enhance your household. However, it’s crucial to consult with your agent to align your coverage with your current and future needs. Contact a knowledgeable professional from Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. in San Francisco, CA today to schedule a home insurance review.