I Got a DUI Now What?

So you made a mistake and drove under the influence. You’ve gone to court and had a hearing with the DMV, and you’re probably wondering what happens now. A DUI conviction can have adverse effects on your insurance rates and driving privileges. After a DUI, there may be additional requirements for you to drive again. Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services, Inc. serving San Francisco, CA may be able to help.

Your Rates Will Increase

A DUI conviction leaves a mark on your driving record that lasts for ten years. That mark can lead to increased insurance rates. However, your rate probably won’t immediately jump, because state law prohibits insurance companies from raising your rates before your renewal period. But, you should be prepared to see an increase when it’s time to renew.

You’ll Need an SR-22

Your license was probably suspended following your DUI conviction, so you’ll likely be required to obtain an SR-22 to reinstate your driving privilege. An SR-22 is a form that provides proof that you have the state-required liability insurance to drive. The DMV requires drivers convicted of DUI have one on-file, typically for three years. 

If you own a car or have one registered in your name, you’ll have to have an SR-22 on file with the DMV. If you don’t own a car, but will drive at any point during the designated timeframe, you’ll have to obtain a nonowners SR-22. 

You must request a form from an auto insurance company. They will either send it to you, or they’ll send it directly to the DMV once it’s completed.

The time following a DUI can be stressful. Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services, Inc. serving San Francisco, CA can help you get back on the road. Contact us today to learn more about your insurance options.