What First Time Renters Need to Know About Insurance

Renting your home has a lot of perks. Someone else gets to worry about big home repairs, property taxes and insurance, right? Almost. Although your landlord will have a homeowner’s policy in place to cover their property, renters should still give some thought to insurance. Renters’ insurance is an important way to protect your self while you are renting your home. At Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. serving San Francisco, CA, we want to help better educate you about your insurance needs. Keep reading to learn more about renters’ insurance.

What is Renters’ Insurance?

Renters’ insurance is a type of insurance product designed to protect individuals who do not own their home, but rather are renting a house, apartment, or condo. Renters’ insurance is different from homeowner’s insurance because it does not cover the actual property. Rather, renters’ insurance is in place to protect you and your belongings. 

What Does Renters’ Insurance Cover?

Renters’ insurance can be customized to suit your particular needs, but in general, renters’ insurance will cover the following areas. 

Personal Property- Your personal property differs from the home’s property. Your personal property includes your possessions which are housed on the property. Should your personal property be damaged or lost due to fire, natural disaster, or burglary, the insurance policy will kick in to have those items repaired or replaced. Without this type of protection, you could be left financially vulnerable following a disaster or burglary. 

Liability- Some renters’ policies will also provide liability protection. This liability protection will kick in if someone is injured at your rental home because of your negligence. This is an important type of coverage to have in place so that you are not left with expensive medical bills or legal fees in the event of an accident in your rental home. 

If you would like to learn more about renters’ insurance, please contact our staff at Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. serving San Francisco, CA. 

Top 3 Reasons To Consider Renters’ Insurance

There are so many perks to renting your home. It is a great feeling knowing that someone else can take care of big maintenance jobs, taxes, and homeowner’s insurance. If you rent your home, you should be aware that your landlord’s homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover many aspects of your rental property. At Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. serving San Francisco, CA and surrounding areas, we love to take the time to educate our clients on these important insurance topics. Keep reading to learn the top 3 reasons you should consider renters’ insurance. 

Damaging Events 

If the property you are renting is damaged due to fire, storms, natural disasters, or other causes, only the physical property itself will be covered under the landlord’s homeowner’s policy. Anything you own in the home or on the property will be lost. The cost of repairing or replacing these items will come out of your pocket. This could leave you financially vulnerable and with no way to start over. 


A landlord’s homeowner’s policy does not cover your personal belongings lost during a burglary. If your rental is broken into, you cannot regain the value of your lost items unless you have renters’ insurance in place. This is the number one reason most people consider purchasing renters’ insurance. 


If someone is injured in your rental, the liability of their injuries could fall to you. A liability event can be devastating financially if it turns into a legal battle. The best way to protect yourself and your assets is to have a comprehensive renters’ insurance policy in place while you are renting your home. 

If you would like to learn more about renters’ insurance, please call our friendly staff today at Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc serving San Francisco, CA. We would love to answer your insurance questions. 

Does Commercial Insurance Protect A Business That Caters To Family Activities?

Commercial insurance is a broad term for any type of policy that is meant to protect a company or business endeavor. There are many different variations for commercial insurance that is designed to help protect a specific type of business to prevent liability and losses. One special type of commercial insurance is family activity center insurance.

Family Activity Center Insurance 

Those who choose to open a business that caters to family-related activities, such as arcades, recreational vehicles, and even water parks need family activity center insurance. This coverage is tailored with liability and special scenarios only present with a family geared business. In order to find out if this type of insurance is right for your business, consult with an insurance agent who has experience with this type of policy. They can help arrive at a solid insurance coverage figure and advise on other options that can provide additional blankest of protection.

Work With An Experienced Agent

One of the best ways to protect a business from liability and other claims is to work with an agent who has plenty of experience with commercial insurance policies. They will be able to sit down with the client to find out what type of coverage fits their situation without leaving gaps in coverage. Those who have a business in or near the San Francisco, CA area should consult with Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. to find out what policies work best and how to learn more about what is covered.

Anyone who is interested in family activity insurance for their business should call or stop by Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. proudly serving San Francisco, CA,  to find out more about coverage options.

Why your business needs Commercial Insurance

At times, the difference between the wise and not-so-wise often comes down to a single decision. As a business owner, one such choice for you is whether to get commercial insurance or not. This is even more critical for new companies as their trajectory can be unstable. A commercial license will mitigate the risk of a sudden loss of finances and might be the only thing that would save the company from going under. As a start, you must understand the significance and importance of commercial insurance.

Commercial losses, such as theft, employee injury, property damage, liabilities, etc. are common. If you have reliable policy coverage, you might be less affected by such events compared to not having any protection. Another growing area of concern is data breach damage with an increasing number of cyberattacks. Financial losses to such types of attacks can be considered in specific policies. A great benefit of commercial insurance is you receive tax deductions provided the company serves a business purpose.

At Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services in San Francisco, CA, you have the expertise of the commercial insurance market and the sound understanding of local rules and regulations. A commercial license can be more complicated than individual policies, which makes for a great reason for you to consult an expert in the matter. At Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services, agents are trained to understand your specific situation and then guide you on the best-matched policy for your needs. This could easily be the best investment you make in your business, giving you the support, security, and peace of mind that is needed in a successful business. Visit the Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services office in San Francisco, CA, or contact us by phone to get started without risking any delay.

Can You Increase The Amount Of Commercial Insurance You Have During The Policy Term?

If you own a business or are planning on starting one in the near future, you probably already have commercial insurance, but is there a time when you may need to increase your coverage during a policy term? There are many reasons why a business may require an increased amount of coverage, which is why you should know when and why you should be able to increase the policy amount. 

Changing The Policy Value

If you need to increase the value of your policy, you can in most cases, make the change with the assistance of your insurance agent. They can submit the necessary documentation and paperwork. Some instances where you may need to request an increase would be an expansion, an increase in inventory, and major equipment purchases. If you feel there will be the possibility for increase insurance coverage, let your agent know in advance so they can help find a policy that can accommodate your growing needs and help prevent losses from a lack of adequate coverage.

Flexible Insurance For Your Company Or Business

Getting the right type of coverage is essential for protecting your assets. That is why you need to work with an agency who had representatives who know how each insurance product works to help you find options that meet your needs. If you are located in the San Francisco, CA area, you can rely on Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. to give you the information and experienced services you need to make a wise purchase and help you protect your investment over the course of time.

Those who operate a business or company around the San Francisco, CA area should call or stop by Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. to find out more about the policy options available. The right insurance can help protect you from a variety of losses and meet your future needs. 


Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Your Roommate?

If you are renting or leasing your home, you need to secure reliable renter’s insurance to protect you from losses and liability. Although you may be clear on what it covers for the policyholder, you may wonder if a roommate is protected by the policy in place. 

Is Your Roommate Covered?

Unfortunately, your roommate won’t be covered by your policy unless he or she is stated on the policy. Each roommate must secure their own individual policy to make sure there is a complete level of coverage for each tenant. If you are considering getting a roommate and want to protect everyone in the home, insist that they purchase renter’s insurance. You can find a policy through Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. if you live in or near the San Francisco, CA area. 

Working With An Agent

If you are searching for good renter’s insurance, you want to work with an agency that provides experienced agents who can help you outline your needs and offer policy options that work for you and your roommates. It is the key to getting the protection you need from a variety of threats. If you have questions and want to consult with a reputable insurance professional, check out Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. and take the guesswork out of finding the right renter’s insurance policy.

Anyone who lives around the San Francisco, CA area and is in need of renter’s insurance should call or stop by the office today and get started protecting yourself and any roommates in your dwelling. You need peace of mind so you can avoid losses from a variety of potential issues. 

Safety Tips for Spring Road Trips

Spring is a great season to take a road trip. By planning your trip in advance, you can get the most out of your time on the road. The following road trip safety tips from Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. in San Francisco, CA can help you have safer, more enjoyable travels.

Check Your Vehicle

Even new cars should be checked right before hitting the road to ensure everything is working properly. A routine checkup could save you from unnecessary breakdowns in the middle of your trip. Make sure your mechanic checks the brakes, tires, oil, and fluids. You should also test your lights, blinkers, and wipers to ensure they’re working as they should.

Make Safety a Priority

Make sure you’re well rested before hitting the road to reduce your risk of having an accident. Take frequent breaks when on the road to stretch, eat and rest, so you can stay alert and drive safely. Make safety a priority when on the road. Don’t take on more than you can handle. If you’re traveling with a companion, take turns driving to get the rest you need.

Plan Your Route and Have Backup Directions

Plan your route so you don’t get lost. If you’re using a GPS, have backup directions written down or on your phone as a precaution. Mapping your journey will help keep you on course during your travels. It also makes it easier to get back on course if you decide to take detours along the way to take in some off-road sights.

Update Your Car Insurance

Update your auto insurance to ensure you have the protection you need for your journey. By adding roadside assistance to your coverage, you won’t have to worry about unforeseen breakdowns on the road.

For quality auto insurance for your road trip or everyday driving needs, contact Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. in San Francisco, CA.

Do I Need to Have Renters Insurance?

One very exciting time in anyone’s life is the day they moved into a new rental apartment. When you are looking to move into a new rental apartment, you need to make sure that you are being very diligent and properly protecting yourself. One of the best ways to do that today is through the use of renters insurance. There are many reasons why you need to have renters insurance in place before you move into your next apartment.

Protects Your Assets

If you are moving into a new San Francisco, CA apartment building, you likely will need to have a lot of new personal belongings to help you live a life that you want. When you purchase new furniture, personal items, and other assets, you will be making a big investment. When you have renters insurance in place, you will receive the protection you need for these assets. In the event of a fire, vandalism, or theft, you will have an insurance policy to back you up.

Comply With Lease

Once you sign a lease, you will have many new obligations that you need to abide by. One obligation that you likely will have will be the need to carry renters insurance at all times. When you get a renters insurance policy, you should provide a copy of it to your landlord. This will help to verify that you are in full compliance with your lease, which will keep you in good standing.

When you are looking for your next San Francisco, CA rental unit, you should speak with the professionals at Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. to discuss your insurance options and needs. The team at Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services Inc. excels at helping people get into the right insurance policy for their situation. 

When Should You Reduce Your Commercial Coverage?

Having commercial insurance is necessary to protect business owners from a variety of hazards that could create financial losses or devastation. Although you may need a certain amount when you first secure a commercial insurance policy, over time, you may want to reduce your coverage amount if there are certain circumstances that warrant it.

When To Reduce Your Coverage

If you are planning to downsize your company or go from a brick and mortar location to a primary e-commerce style business run from your home, you may want to reduce the amount of coverage you have to help you focus on other important business issues. Figure out which options work for you with the assistance of an experienced insurance agent. They can outline your options and make suggestions that help you make the most out of your coverage. 

Quality Coverage

Buying a high-quality insurance policy is the key to ensuring that you will have the protection you chose without issues later on during a claim. Your agent can also help you file claims to make the process easier during a difficult time. If you live in or around the San Francisco, CA area, you can consult Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services, Inc. to discover what you can do to protect your company with a policy that makes sense. Their agents work hard to ensure the client is covered without gaps that can spell disaster after a claim. 

Protect your business with the right type of commercial coverage with the help of Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services, Inc. serving the residents in and around the San Francisco, CA area. Call or stop by today to speak with an agent and get the answers to your questions.

Is Renter’s Insurance Mandatory?

Renting a home or apartment can be a thrilling experience, but not having coverage in the event of a disaster can be truly devastating. For those in the San Francisco, CA area, the helpful agents of Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services, Inc. can assist you in finding the renters policy that works best for you.

So, when renting a home or an apartment, it is not mandatory in any state unless specifically stated in your rental agreement, that you have any sort of renter policy in place. Your landlord may require that you take out a renter policy to protect their investment and to help you to replace items if the property should be destroyed. If you are renting and your landlord requires a renter policy, you should take the time to talk with an insurance agent to find a coverage option that works for you.

Most landlords will have their own insurance policy to help protect their property if something happens to the home. Renter’s policies cover a broad range of things. For starters, they cover the replacement of contents and property should your rental property become damaged in a fire, break-in, theft, or even storm damage. A landlord has no responsibility to pay you for items that are destroyed or stolen, so having a rental policy in place is a great way to protect your interests.

It is important to remember that when your rental home is destroyed or when there is a fire, likely your items are going to need to be replaced. Since it is not the responsibility of the landlord to replace items that are damaged or stolen, it is important that you protect your own property. For those that live in the San Francisco, CA area, the resourceful agents with Biddle-Shaw Insurance Services, Inc. can assist you.